23 May 2021 8:00pm MDT event : Non-Realtime Jamtaba online trade solos jam

23 May 2021 8:00pm MDT event : Non-Realtime Jamtaba online trade solos jam

Songs are:

Setup Guide: Jamtaba for zero latency nonrealtime online jamming in Windows 10

Jamtaba is another PC/Mac/Linux client for Ninjam norrealtime online jamming. It is quite tricky to set up. Also keep in mind that Ninjam time is weird.

  • Go to Jamtaba->Preferences->Audio and click on the ASIO panel button
  • Configure your ASIO4ALL devices
  • Restart Jamtaba. Sometimes you need to restart the computer
  • Join a server and check that you can hear other players after Jamtaba is done preparing.
  • Select your mic and make sure your mic gain bar is moving up and down. Transmit ON is GREEN.
  • Once everything works correctly you can adjust your Jamtaba preferences as desired

14 May 2021 8:00pm MDT event

14 May 2021 8:00pm MDT event : Non-Realtime Jamtaba trade solos jam

Songs are:

Trading solos in Ninjam/Jamtaba

A way to trade solos non-realtime in Ninjam or Jamtaba is to set a backing track loop that has a chorus for each player, and each player always plays the same portion of the BPI interval. Keep in mind that Ninjam time is weird.

For example, say 2 players want to trade solos over Coquette at 160 bpm :

  • Set up the server BPI at 2 x 32 bars form = BPI 64 and the BPM at 160/4 = BPM 40 to get 1BPI = 1bar.
  • Set a 64 bars long backing track loop consisting of 2 choruses of Coquette.
  • Player 1 only plays in the first half of the BPI interval.
    Player 1 = bars 01-32
  • Player 2 only plays in the second half of the BPI interval.
    Player 2 = bars 33-64

This approach will guarantee that the 2 soloists run in parallel, and do not clash due to Ninjam timing.

Kinda like this

The downside of this approach is the long waiting time at the beginning for BPIs to sync up.

Public Ninjam servers are usually limited at max BPI 64 and min BPM 40. You can !vote BPI 64 and !vote BPM 40.

2 Players over Coquette at 160bpm example – Server BPI 64 and BPM 40

For 3+ players you will need access to the /bpi 96 and /bpm 40 admin commands, which are only available in private Ninjam servers.

3 Players over Coquette at 160bpm example – Server BPI 96 and BPM 40

Jamtaba looper: https://github.com/elieserdejesus/JamTaba/wiki/Ninjam-Looper

If you have questions please ask in the Gypsy Jazz Discord server: https://discord.gg/Q5X3vMG

PS. This approach can also work without backing tracks, if you have a good consistent rhythm player.

Hope it helps


JackTrip – A System for High-Quality Audio Network Performance over the Internet from Stanford.edu.

JackTrip is quite difficult to install and set up:

  1. Get jacktrip from https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/jacktrip/.
  2. Make sure everybody is using an ethernet connection.
  3. Have each member install and test qjackctl and jacktrip locally using a loopback server.
  4. Server sets up port forwarding 4464 TCP/UDP and 61002-61009 UDP.
  5. Server starts in hub mode with jacktrip -S -p4 or jacktrip -S -p2.
  6. Members connect to server jacktrip -C <server-ip-address> -n1 or jacktrip -C <server-ip-address> -n1 -q 8 .
  7. Server might need to adjust qjackctl connections.

About JackTrip:

Jacktrip Tutorial: