The Bow Djangos Show Feb 21

The Bow Djangos are back at Lolita’s with lots of new hot swing and gypsy jazz material and for the first time with 100% vocal titles! Cedric Blary (clarinet, flute), Tristan Euzen (vocals, guitar), Nick Blettcher (guitar) and their guests Al Muirhead (trumpet) and Stefano Valdo (bass) will take you back in time for a musical journey full of little gems from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and some more modern numbers, all with their signature gypsy style.

Look out for Reverb and eBay scams

eBay and Reverb – The “Bait & Switch” and “Laziness” Scams

  • Where is the seller located?
  • Check when the seller joined, and do they have any feedback?
  • Do they own the guitar? Ask for a photo of the guitar with today’s newspaper or internet page dated today.
  • Do a Google image search on the pictures, click on the camera icon and Paste image URL.

What’s in the scam box?

eBay Allows Scammer to Steal $1,500